Thursday, September 24, 2015

Celebrating 6 months of REVOSA [Free poster pack]

So today I decided to put together some of my best photos and advertisements for REVOSA, slap them on some prims and add a shadow map for added quality. Why? Because it's been six months since I started REVOSA, which, as mentioned before, started as a very tiny operation out of a virtual garage and grew into something much, much larger.

You can grab the poster pack here, on the marketplace, or by visiting my inworld mainstore and grabbing it from one of my vendors across the great wall of stuff!

Included in this poster pack are two REVOSA advertisements, a photo of Lula not looking at an explosion and a bonus explicit photo taken during Crystal Falls roleplay, which, sadly, no longer exists, aside from within my Flickr album memorial. That particular album can be viewed here.

Today is also a "break" day for me, so I'll be releasing no new products until tomorrow, stay tuned, and REV it up!

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