Thursday, September 17, 2015

Introducing REVOSA

Welcome to the brand new REVOSA blog! REVOSA is a Second Life based business that specializes in scifi, fantasy, modern and vampire themed accessories, furniture, homes, vehicles and much more!

Since this is my first post here on the REVOSA blog, I'm going to talk about all of the products I've
done this week, starting with the Bleeding Rose.

This Bleeding Rose is a 100% original mesh home decor accessory with a land impact of only one. The blood drip particle animation is also simple, and extremely low lag. You can check for yourself! This should be a good addition to any vampire's home, or otherwise anyone who enjoys the darker side of life, or second life, for that matter.

The marketplace listing for this item can be found here.

Which brings us to my next, not-so-bloody product, a transgender pride bracelet. I made this as a way to show my support for the transgender community, and to raise awareness for the plight of equal rights in the United States. As it stands today, the transgender community is currently, and still, one of the most marginalized communities in the world.

If you view the product page, there you can find even more information about the struggles that face the average transgender person. Show your support! At a cool 50 linden, it's a steal anyway!
Marketplace listing for the trans pride bracelet can be found here.

Next up is one of my favorite products that I've done yet! This is dubbed "Tome of the Damned," with an obvious vampire theme. The book, which is 100% original mesh, comes in its package with
three different versions. The first version is a simple prop, the book, which you can place anywhere that you please. The second version is a wearable book that your avatar will hug is if it were a cuddly teddy bear. And then the final version of this product comes with a bonus lectern stand with the book already attached! All versions of this product are only one land impact.

This product is one of many in a long line of vampire themed accessories I would like to make (including an entire turning altar).

Marketplace listing for the Tome of the Damned is here.

Second to last on the list is another favorite product of mine, a remake of the very first item I ever made in Second life, the Kill Trophy Box. Although, the first version of this was made entirely out of prims and added up to about seven land impact (lol!), the new and improved version, celebrating 8 months of REVOSA, is only two land impact. Not only that, it comes with a low-lag open and close script. Simply click the lid and it will either open, or close depending on what state the box is currently in.

Being a big fan of the television show, Dexter, this was really fun to make, and I was surprised at what the final product came out as. The Kill Trophy Box can be found here.

Last on this week's list (or at least, so far) is a simple candelabra that I decided to make, which fits in quite well with the Tome of the Damned and Lectern. Alternatively, this would likely fit well in any
vampire or dark fantasy setting. As with all of my items (or mostly all of them) this product is copy and modifiable. At a land impact of 6 this should be fine just about anywhere.

The flickering particle flames adorned at the top of each candle can be toggled on and off with a simple click of your mouse.

REVOSA Candelabra is available for 75 linden here.

And that just about wraps up my first post for this blog! Later I plan on writing another significantly large post about exactly how REVOSA came to be, where it started and where the exclusive Second Life business is now. As always, thank you for your interest in my products! Rev it up baby!

Inworld store: REVOSA Mainstore and Blood Bank
Marketplace store: REVOSA Sex, Mesh, Murder

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