Friday, September 18, 2015

[WIP] REVOSA Cardigan/Jacket

So for the past day and a quarter now I've been working on my first serious piece of clothing for my store. It's been a lot of re-topology, a lot of mesh cleanup, a lot of screwing around with frustrating UV maps and now I'm attempting to size it correctly.

Since this is my first attempt at actually making something wearable, it'll likely be priced on the low-end of the average clothing scale, and as I gain experience, prices will likely increase by a small margin.

As you can see, the mesh itself looks pretty clean, but if you bring up the wiremesh, it's sort of messy. I've done what I believe I can do in order to clean it up as much as possible.

The next step I have to work through is resizing parts of the jacket itself, since, for some weird
reason, it no longer fits the average avatar. The backside clips into the butt and the arms are too long, therefore cutting into the hands. The arms themselves clip into the avatar's skin, but I'll be creating an alpha to fix that problem.

Since I use the Maitreya body on my avatar, I'll be working to fit it best around this template, even though the Maitreya creators have yet to respond to my requests for the templates they use. So it's basically guess work and lots of mesh stretching.

As for making clothing in general, since, at the moment, it's a pretty long process for me, I'll probably be building a clothing line rather slowly. I actually have a full line of things I was making in the past, but my biggest hurdle has always been weight painting. In theory, I don't have to create anything else from scratch for a while, if I should go back and fix the twenty some outfits I've made!

That's it for now though, aside from another product I'm working on which is much simpler than clothing... A vampire turning altar. This item is projected to be low land impact, but since I haven't started much of it yet, I don't have anything to show in regards to that product.

But as always, thank you for reading!

Marketplace store: REVOSA Sex, Mesh, Murder
Inworld store. REVOSA Mainstore and Blood bank

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