Thursday, October 22, 2015

Seven new flavors added to the REVOSA Energy Vending Machine!

So today I spent most of my time creating seven more flavors of my infamous energy drink line-up and then I stuffed them into my vending machine and released an update.

Now, along with the initial atomic grape, you can have 5 loko, blueberry blast, citrus burst, fizzy cola, orange splash, spilled blood (a vampire variety cherry blood mix) and diet fizzy cola!

Each can is texture with a dark and dirty looking sort of theme and includes ambient occlusion for ultimate realism. Yes, they look like they all rolled through a gutter before they made it into my machine, and ultimately, your hands, but hey, they taste great! Just be wary of that 5 loko, I hear it's banned in a few systems.

You can grab the vending machine here or come see it (and taste the flavors) inworld here!

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