Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Waiting Game

So today I'm not really doing any work, you know, aside from the "Miami beach" themed photoshoot I did for a little promotion on Flickr (view that album here: Miami). Why, though, am I not working? For one, I sent in a process credit on my Second Life account on Saturday and it's being stalled four days later for unscheduled maintenance on the entire billing system, which also means any sales I could be making are currently not happening.

I also applied for the TMP dev kit earlier last week and am currently waiting to receive the email and the kit so that I can get to work on lipstick, eyeshadow, liner and more. But, as it always goes, this is a waiting game, and since I've signed up with them for exclusive makeup, I can't exactly go and make a bunch of system layer makeup (which I'd have to convert later anyway).

And then I'm also waiting on the Maitreya dev kit so that I can perfect system layer clothing, and maybe create specialized versions of all my mesh clothing specifically for Maitreya.

What this means is, basically, my production is halted while I simply wait. On everything. But maybe it's best I take a day and focus on some other things.

One good thing has come of all of this though! Just a few hours ago I decided to sponsor Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at my inworld store with a donation kiosk, a promise desk, and a cheap little hunt item that, for twenty linden, will give you my newest "Pink Explosion" nails (for Maitreya)! Proceeds, of course, go directly toward the fundraiser. Stop by my store here and check it out!

With all of that aside, I really have no idea what I'd like to work on today besides maybe relaxing a little bit... or maybe the cybernetic arms I plan to release for the holiday season? We'll see!

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